Botham’s Christmas Products

bothams x mas banner


It’s always lovely to work with a local client, and designing the Christmas tea towel and cards for fabulous Whitby based company Botham’s was no exception. I spent a few days in August getting in to the Christmas spirit creating my own interpretation of Whitby, whilst paying homage to the company, that in my opinion, make the best chocolate cake in the world. ‘Top Botham’s’ is depicted at the bottom right of the design, which is situated on Skinner Street in the town. 


Since it’s opening in 1865, Botham’s have been providing people near and far with delicious hampers and gifts. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Whitby area like I do, then there are plenty of places to grab a tasty treat for lunch. 


The tea towel has my signature linear illustrations combined with duck egg and mustard highlights. The design has also been shrunk down for use on the company’s Christmas cards which are inserted in to hampers and given to customers during the festive period. I’ve popped the design below as well as a couple of close ups. Head to the Botham’s website now to see the lovely items they have available. 




Botham's tea towel


Botham's tea towel

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Blog Hop

My lovely and very talented friend Ilona of I Drew This asked me if I’d like to take part in this, my first ever blog hop! 


Following on from me will be my friend Mel, from Mel Smith Designs, who you will be able to find exhibiting at the East London Design Show in December. 


Now, time for my blog hop questions and answers! 


Blog Hop - illustration work

What have you been making at your desk this week?

 This week (like most) has been rather busy! I’m heading off on a long weekend to Madrid tomorrow, so I’ve been tying up loose ends before I go. The main project which has been taking up most of my time, is a licensed design brief,  consisting of 24 pieces of artwork for paper craft products. I’ve been working with the client for a couple of years now, and it’s great to get stuck in to a nice big project and design a full collection. There’s an image of some of my original illustrations above, and then some of the designs below. 


Jessica Hogarth_ blog spot_envelope print

blog hop - travel illustration


blog hop - Jessica Hogarth illustration work  


Alongside designing, I’ve been busy organising Christmas and every day wholesale card orders. I’ve sent out a box of goodies to Hong Kong this week, and am also part way through packaging a large parcel destined for Canada (below)! 


Jessica Hogarth greetings cards


Where am I currently finding my inspiration?

I spent a couple of days in Manchester last week, primarily to visit the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. My friend Jules, of I love Yuyu was exhibiting and her beautiful graphic products were really inspiring to see. I took some time to wander around the city centre too, and visit some of my favourite places for stationery. I was most impressed with what M&S had to offer (pic below), and I ended up purchasing a calendar for next year as well as some gorgeous Christmas cards. 

Nothing beats getting out and about taking in random sights and mulling over ideas, however when I’m confined to the 4 walls of my studio, I turn to Pinterest, where I’ve been looking at beautiful vintage travel postcards all week!


blog hop - M&S x mas cards


How important is being creative to you and how do you blend this with your work/life/family balance?

This is  really important, however I think it’s important to have time not thinking about creating new things and taking time to relax, not think about work, and spend time taking in things which might spark the next great creative idea! If I’m honest, my work/life balance used to be fairly non existent. I would rarely spend time at home and not work, as my studio was in the garden, so I’d be up at 3am working if I felt inspired! Since moving to a business centre in Whitby in august, I have much more clean cut working hours, and now take a bit more time to relax in the evening. I wouldn’t say being at home now means my brain isn’t switched on;  I’m often discussing my next design ideas with friends and family, but sometimes just talking about it is enough after a long day!


PS I’ve just found out I have been shortlisted for the ‘entrepreneur under 30′ award in the Scarborough business awards, which I’m thrilled about! 





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New studio, new website, new work!

It’s been months since I posted an update, so I thought I would do a round up of the summer in one go. It’s been an exciting but busy few weeks, moving in to a new studio and spending a lot of time working on my new website. I’m so pleased with it, and I hope you find it easy to navigate. 


Having more space to work, and being away from home has made a massive difference already. The mundane tasks such as stock takes and order packing are now somewhat hassle free, and take a lot less time. I’ve popped a couple of images of the studio below. I’m just a few minutes walk from Whitby’s bustling Church Street, and the towns harbour.



 Pop up shop

new workspace_Jessica Hogarth studio


My new workspace

new workspace_jessica Hogarth_surface pattern studio


I’d like to say a big thank you to my wonderful web designer, Paul Taylor at Aura Creative Media for his hard work. I wanted the site to be a place for customers to shop for my products as well as a place for clients to view my portfolio. I have a brand new clients section which features a selection of my freelance collaborations. Customers can enjoy 20% off everything in the shop by using the code yay! at the checkout. Valid until Midnight 12/10/2014.


Jessica Hogarth new website_shop discount


This year I am pleased to have worked with Marie Curie, Deva Designs on gift wrap and bags and The RNLI, on their entire summer 2014 product range. Look out for new products launching with paper craft company Trimcraft very soon!


Visit the clients section to see more of my freelance work. 


 Marie Curie collaboration.

MARIE CURIE collaboration_Jessica Hogarth


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Happeak – clothing collaboration

At the end of last year I was contacted by Lithuanian clothing brand Happeak. They had spotted my Coastal Cottages print on Pinterest, and wanted to use it on some garments for their SS14 collection. It’s always lovely to hear from new companies wishing to collaborate, and this was no exception. I’ve produced work for both mens and women’s clothing previously, so it’s great to be able to expand my portfolio in this area and see my patterns applied to kidswear too. 


Happeak generally produce functional and comfy items of clothing that use pattern free fabrics so we stuck to using the design in one colour in a dark grey printed on to a lighter grey fabric. A recently bumped in to a lady that I know in my village and she had purchased one, after the images I shared on Facebook receiving a great response. It’s great to be seeing buildings from the tiny place win which I live on products that are now being sold world wide. 


There is a selection of images below, but check out the HAPPEAK website to see more. 


Happeak clothing - print by Jessica Hogarth


Happeak clothing - print by Jessica Hogarth

Happeak clothing - print by Jessica Hogarth

Happeak clothing - print by Jessica Hogarth


Happeak clothing -  design by Jessica Hogarth

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After PG Live I had a mad 1.5 days in the studio to organise myself and finish a project before heading back down to London and fly out to Lisbon with a friend. It was a much needed break and Portugal’s capital didn’t disappoint. 


We booked in to the Destination Hostel which was in the Rossio train station. It was a really really nice hostel, and I’d recommend it to anyone visiting the city.


Whilst wandering up the steep windy streets to the castle we came across lots of black and white photos on the wall, which have been put up as a way of celebrating the elderly community that live in the gorgeous little houses. 


Lisbon- Portugal


This was the view from the top.


Lisbon - Portugal


The tiles that covered many walls in the city were a treat for the eyes. I took a lot of photos of tiles, as well as visited the tile museum, but here a few favourites below.


Lisbon - Portugal


Lisbon - Portugal


Lisbon - Portugal

Lisbon - Portugal


Lisbon - Portugal


We did do a bit of shopping whilst on our little trip. A Vida Portugesa is a must visit. It sells food, stationery, interiors, some clothing and also some beautifully illustrated books. 


Portugal - A vida Portugesa


Lisbon - Portugal


Lisbon Portugal


We also spent an afternoon at LX Factory which is a design and arts district, set a bit off the beaten track, in an old manufacturing district of the city. We had a lovely lunch, got a manicure and wandered a variety of shops that were nestled between model agencies, print companies and restaurants. Ler Devagar bookstore is a must visit. This area is just a short single bus ride from the centre of the city but really has a different vibe to the other shopping areas. 


Lisbon - Portugal

Lisbon - Portugal

Lisbon - Portugal


We had a fab time, and the sunny weather made it even better. I look forward to my next European adventure!  


Lisbon - Portugal


Lisbon - Portugal

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